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There are no bookings for FREE workshops.

To ensure participation, please arrive early as places are limited.

Bubs and Art

Time: 10.15am | Age: 12 months - 2 years old | Duration: 45min Cost: $12 | Venue: Kids Studio 

Bubs and Art is about introducing your children to the wonderful magical art world. Children are encouraged to play with materials and mediums to express their imagination. In this workshop, get to explore paint and other mediums and make a creative imaginative artwork with your children.

Places limited to one parent/carer and a child.  Babes in arms policy does not apply.

You Got the Moves Like Nick Cave

Time: 1.30pm | Age: 4 - 12 years old | Duration: 45 mins

Cost: $10| Venue: Kids Studio 

Get transported to the magical and bright world of Nick Cave. Children in this workshop will get to explore the wonderful world of this imaginative artist. Get to create your own inspired Nick Cave costume. The bigger the brighter! You get to transform yourself to imaginative creative creatures.

Making Virtual Worlds - John A Douglas' 3D Scans 

Time: 2pm | Ages 10+ | Duration: 2.5hrs | Cost: $25 | Venue: Artist Studio 

The workshop starts with an introduction to John A Douglas's video works and use of photogrammetry (3Dreconstruction) in collaboration with Josh Harle. The participants will learn how (in general terms) 3D models are used in creating virtual worlds and games, and will be given some examples of different architecture around the world. They will then sculpt their own landscapes, buildings, and cities from playdough, which will be scanned during the workshop and placed into the virtual scene. Finally, the participants can explore the virtual environment using the Vive headset. If the green screen is available, we can create a composite digital image of each participant in the virtual space

Creation Station CosPlay Workshop

Time: 10.30am & 2pm | Ages 10+ | Duration: 2hrs | Cost: $15 | Venue: Performance Space

Did you ever want to create your own shield like Captain America, or your own Thor Hammer? During this year’s WOW festival, we will be having our own cosplay workshop. It will be the perfect opportunity to be introduced to the wonderful world of cosplay, where you will be able to get to create your own imaginative and creative costumes and props.

Dummies Corp. Workshop

Time: 1pm and 2:15pm | Ages 2-5 | Price: $15 | Location: Theatre

Participants don't need any prior ability and will leave having learnt some of the moves they have seen in the show, creating a strong connection between the performance, the artists and their own experience. The workshop will place great emphasis on creative play and empower participants to carry this imaginative embodied experience into their lives beyond the workshop.

Places are limited for this workshop.

Art of Surprise

Time: 10am, 11:15am, 12:15pm, 1:30pm, 3pm  | Ages 4-12 | Duration: 45min | Price: FREE | Location: Performance Space

Liam Benson: Children and families will be able to draw with light using light reflective materials in an accumulative collaborative installation.

Jeff McCann: Get crafty and create fruity necklaces from repurposed materials. This workshop is a fun way of taking old cardboard boxes and transforming them into bright and colourful wearable pieces of art.

Places are limited per session.

Colour Connect Create

Time: 10am - 4pm | Age: 2-5 years old | Price: FREE|

Location: Upper Turbine Gallery

Featuring 4 connected zones of creative encounters! Slotting, folding, colouring, animation, masks, 3D shapes… and much much more. 


Time: 11am and 12pm | Age: 4+ | Price: FREE |
Location: Outdoors |Garden

Green and brown, wet and dry, hot and cold….there’s more to composting than just chucking everything in a black bin! Join Karl from Council’s Waste Management Team, and CPAC Gardener Lauren to learn the recipes and techniques for making awesome home compost that will have your vegies jumping out of the garden!  Liverpool residents can also apply for a Council rebate on the cost of a compost bin – details at the workshop.

Third Space

Time: 10:30am, 12pm, 1:30pm, 3pm| Age: 5 to 15 |Price: FREE |
Location: Outdoors |Front

A storytelling space where participants are encouraged to identify what creativity means to them and what stories and art they are interested in making.

Using a child-centred approach, Paula Abboud will lead this workshop will encourage participants to explore their creativity as active agents in identifying what they want to do, the stories they want to tell and the art forms they want to engage with.


The findings will be shared with WOW Festival and Research Fellowship project that aims to enhance child participation in determining programs and activities at future festivals and in general in the arts.

Printing Plants

Time: 11am and 1:30pm | Age: 4+ | Price: FREE |
Location: Outdoors | Garden

Lead by Diego Bonetto, participants will gather several available species during an informative walking tour, that will then be processed and printed using a combination of ink and natural sap.

Bush Tucker

Time: 11am | Age: 4+ | Price: FREE |
Location: Outdoors |Ampitheatre

Terry Lennis is a Darug, Darawahl man of the land and river. He is a respected horticulturalist and has been leading bush tucker programs across Sydney.


At the WOW Festival, he will share his knowledge and passion for native plants through a talk and workshop. Terry will guide a hands-on workshop about planting, how to use the plants and why. 


Let’s get started - Terry Lennis


Bush Tucker+Workshop is made possible through Interlink Roads