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Image: Uncle Max "Dulumunmun" Harrison. Courtesy of Jamie James 

Campfire Stories with Uncle Max "Dulumunmun" Harrison


For All Ages

Date: SAT 13 JULY
Location: Outdoors | Amphitheatre
Time: 4.30pm

Duration: 75-90mins

Cost: All tickets $30 Includes dinner after the performance.

For all dietary requirements call reception

Access Point: IP, LE

Tickets are limited.

Yuin Elder Uncle Max ‘Dulumunmun’ Harrison is an initiated Yuin man. His teachings have been passed down to him by five masters of First Peoples Lore.


Uncle Max is a widely respected Elder, who has been on the National Board of Elders, released several books on First Peoples culture, including My Peoples Dreaming, given knowledge and is a recognised teacher of the University of Wollongong.


Uncle Max led the opening Traditional Ceremony for Sydney 2011 and 2012 Australia Day Celebrations and is well respected all along the South Coast of New South Wales through his work as a community Elder in his native Yuin country. 


Although Uncle Max’s involvement on walks on Country are now limited, he still plays a vital part in Ngaran Ngaran Culture Awareness by advising and overseeing his family uphold and sharing Yuin culture.


Uncle Max invites you to join him around the campfire as he shares with you his Yuin stories and experiences growing up on country; connections to and respect for country and his communities.  


Uncle Max stresses the importance of learning gleaned from watching, listening and seeing. He says, “If we don’t follow these three principles then we don’t learn anything.”